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Customized Surro-Kitty® nursers are made from a soft, machine-washable fur-like material.

The Surro-Kitty® Mini allows up to 4 small baby orphans to nurse at once. Babies are able to nurse from the Surro-Kitty® Mini as they would with a natural mother. The heating pad provides continuous warmth for comfort and soothing.

The Surro-Kitty® Mini is made of machine-washable faux fur and cotton. Handmade in the United States.

Length: Approximately 38.1 cm

*Patent Pending


Surro-Kitty® Body

Mammary Pouch

4 Bottles (29.5ml) with Nipples*

Kitty Cover


*The nipples included are not the Miracle Nipple®, however, Miracle Nipples® can be used with this unit.

*This unit does not include a heating pad. There is a space to insert a 30cm x 30cm heating pad if you desire.

Allow up to 5 business days to process custom nurser orders.

Additional information

Exterior Fur Color

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, White

Interior Color

Black, Blue, Brown, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Light Brown, Pink, Silver, Violet, White, Yellow


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